EWS housing system of Modi hits displacement barrier in Ranchi

EWS housing system of Modi hits displacement barrier in Ranchi

February 12, 2021 0 By NishatFirdaush

After more than a month. The online foundation for the Light House Project, a centrally funded housing scheme. It is for the economically weaker section (EWS). In the Jagarnathpur district by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Now residents are opposing the project fearing a large-scale displacement.

What is EWS

Modi laid the foundations for the construction of nearly 1,000 houses. He laid lighthouse project for economically weaker section. There are around seven acres of land. With an approximate budget of Rs 133.99 crore. The State Urban Development Department has closed the 3-acre Mitra Mandal land. That is spread in Jagarnathpur to begin the first phase of the scheme’s work.

What is the problem behind EWS?

The administration, however, could not begin work after protests. Locals are agitating under the banner of Basti Bachchao Sangharsh Samiti (BBSS). On Thursday, the Ranchi Municipal Corporation had scheduled a meeting to pacify them. Then, it was canceled after the residents had not arrived.

According to the Ranchi mayor, protesters are ignorant of its benefits of the project. We had scheduled talks with the locals. At last, we had canceled them because most of them had gone to work and none of them had turned up. We’re going to try to re-schedule it for a Sunday or some other holiday. We’re sure we’re going to solve any issue through the talks.

Mintu Paswan, the convener of BBSS, represents 26 localities. Around Jagarnathpur, said they have appealed to the state government to shift the project to another vacant site. By saying that the earmarked site is the only playing ground for their children.

Then, Paswan added, Most importantly, the government is claiming that the houses are meant for the EWS. The price of each unit is quite high. Hence, none of us who live in the localities nearby will be able to afford it.

Further added, “Most of us are casual workers who have a hand-to-mouth existence. The houses are definitely not meant for us, so for whom are these houses coming up?

We are not against the project but we are against acquiring the village land and future displacements. The central government should consider our genuine demands.”

Central government investment

The Centre will invest Rs 5.5 lakh per unit. It has an area of almost 350 sq ft. According to the project, the state government’s share is Rs 1 lakh. The remainder price of Rs 6.79 lakh will be given to each identified beneficiary.

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